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What measures can I take to protect myself from omicron?

What can I do to protect myself from the new variant that has appeared?

If you haven’t already, get vaccinated against COVID-19 caused by any other variant, and step up other precautions you may have previously taken, such as wearing a mask or avoiding large crowds, to protect yourself against COVID-19 caused by any other variant.

Despite all of the attention paid to the omicron virus, the extra-contagious variant continues to be the most common cause of infections and deaths in many parts of the .

Currently, is the most significant threat. The Associated Press reported that Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of in the States, described Omicron as a “ threat.” Collins stated that “we are aware of the coronavirus type” and that “we know what to do.”

It will take several weeks to learn the most aspects of this latest variant, such as whether it is more contagious, causes more severe illness, or evades immunity — and, if so, by how much — from previous .

In the meantime, says Dr. Julie Vaishampayan of the Infectious Diseases of America, “we need to increase the number of layers of .” That’s especially important now that the are approaching and family gatherings will be .

A booster shot is one of the layers in this structure. The dose in a significant increase in virus-fighting antibodies. However, even if antibodies are not as effective against omicron as they are against other variants, simply having more of them may make up for it — in addition to protection against the virus variant.

Testing is an additional protective measure that should be taken in addition to masking, avoiding crowds, and improving ventilation. This is recommended for anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or who may have been exposed to the virus. However, Vaishampayan points out that it may also be useful in ensuring the safety of holiday gatherings, even if everyone in attendance has already been vaccinated.

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