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Wedding planners have not yet experienced a smooth flow of business.

Many people in Nepal were looking forward to the wedding season this month after the last two years had been ruined by the pandemic. Despite the that celebrations are more vibrant and joyful this year when compared to previous years, business for wedding planners continues to be extremely slow this year.

The wedding season in Nepal typically around the middle of November. The Nepalese month of Mangsir (November-December) is regarded as a particularly favorable for marriage proposals. Also noteworthy is the fact that eight different dates in the month of February this year are considered to be extremely auspicious for marriage. Despite a plethora of business opportunities, wedding planners have yet to experience a smooth flow in their operations.

“To be completely honest, business is not going well. People are reluctant to large sums of following the pandemic, according to Anurodh Rana, owner of Utsav Event Planner. According to him, “we haven’t been able to collect an adequate budget.” From one individual to the next, the of planning a wedding will differ. Wedding planners themselves work within the confines of the that their clients have set for their wedding ceremony and reception. For wedding planning, we don’t have a set fee that we charge. “It is entirely dependent on the budget of the client,” he explains.

Despite the fact that business has been slow this year, Raju Humagain, director of Ananda Events, sees this as a positive development. “Business may still have a long way to go before it can return to normal, but it has recovered at least a little from the suffering that we have all been through,” he says of the current situation. “People are still hesitant to congregate in large groups, as they were before. They have become more aware of and to the dangers posed by Covid 19. After the pandemic, wedding ceremonies that would have had approximately 800 guests now have only about 300 guests,” he continues.

“Because people are choosing smaller weddings, we are unable to charge our clients at the current rates,” he continues. The cost of various items, such as manpower, fuel, and other supplies, has gone up in recent years. We are, however, unable to charge our customers the actual price of the item.” Rather than attempting to make a large profit from a large event, Humagain is looking forward to smaller profits from a large number of smaller events over time.

A wedding planner’s time is divided between planning weddings and other smaller events such as birthdays and anniversaries throughout the rest of the year. At other times, they are busy researching the latest decors, designs, and services, as well as developing their own skills. The ability to keep up with the latest fashion is to our . According to Rana, “We want to provide our clients with the best that is currently available on the market.”

While putting together these ceremonies, wedding planners must also be extremely cautious and vigilant about their own health. “All of our staff members who are involved in the wedding preparations have been vaccinated.” Humagain adds, “We also quarantine those who appear to be unwell as soon as possible and examine them for symptoms.” “We also advise our clients to keep people out of social gatherings to the greatest extent possible,” he continues.

During the months of January and February, wedding ceremonies continue to take place. Wedding planners, on the other hand, are not optimistic about a significant shift in the wedding industry. “Even though it is wedding season in January and February, clients only come to us about a week before the ceremony,” explains Rana. According to him, “as a result, we have no idea what the business environment will be like for us in the months ahead.” A similar story is told by Humagain, who states, “We have received a number of inquiries for the months of January and February.” “However, nothing is set in stone at this point, so we cannot be certain of anything,” he says.

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