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Vaccinate the target group before administering booster shots, according to an expert.

As a new of the , Omicron, begins to throughout the world, the debate over vaccination has heated up. Some scientists have advised people to exercise caution because newer variants of viruses may be resistant to vaccines, while others believe that the current vaccines are effective in preventing infection.

Booster are recommended by health professionals for those who have already been vaccinated. Some countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan, have begun providing booster shots to their citizens. Booster shots, according to experts, are appropriate for people who have received all of their vaccinations.

Nepal has also begun to engage in this debate. The debate over whether or not to administer a booster dose has begun as the number of antibodies in the body continues to decline six months after the initial vaccination.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population’s statistics, they only have 8.3 vaccines left in their stockpile. As by the , a total of 27,356,530 doses of vaccine have been imported from various companies through the Covax facility, grants, and purchases made from various countries. He informed the audience that 19 million doses of vaccines had already been administered. He claims that there is no discussion about a booster dose at this time within the ministry.

A government official stated that approximately 35 million vaccines against the coronavirus are being prepared for shipment to Nepal. It is expected that vaccines from the Vero Cell, , and Moderna companies will be delivered to Nepal from various countries during the month of Poush.

In the opinion of public health experts, booster doses should only be after the target groups have been vaccinated first. Dr. Shyam Raj Upreti, a vaccination expert, believes that it would be unfair to about booster dose vaccine when the vast majority of the population has not yet received the first dose of the vaccine. ‘The majority of the target population has not even applied the first dose,’ says the researcher. Providing a booster dose to those who have already received the dose is unfair to those who have not yet been vaccinated in such circumstances. The should not be taken,’ he stated.

Vaccine booster doses, according to public health expert Sameer Mani Dixit, should only be considered after the vaccine has been made widely available to all citizens. The doctor went on to say that if less than 75 percent of the target population is vaccinated, the population will not be adequately protected. Following vaccination of the target population, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), booster doses can only be after the target population has been vaccinated.

Dr. Sharad Kumar Vanta, a public health expert, has also stated that before administering booster doses, it is necessary to the intended population. Instead of thinking of vaccines as a tool for combating COVID, he believes it is critical to pay close attention to adherence to health safety standards.

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