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Users will be able to set all chats to be deleted by default on WhatsApp.

When it comes to WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature, the is adding new functionality that will allow to messages in a chat to automatically be deleted after a specified period of time.

Following the announcement by WhatsApp on The Verge, the company stated that users will now have the option to enable disappearing messages automatically for all new one-on-one chats, meaning that all messages will be deleted from the service.

The messaging service, which is owned by Meta, also that it will users more options for how long a message will be kept before it is deleted. When the feature was first in November of last year, users could choose to have messages deleted after seven days, but that was the only option available.

There will be an option to delete them after 24 hours or after 90 days in the future, though this will be limited in scope. Previously, it was that the new functionality was in the stages of development.

In a statement, WhatsApp stated that turning on disappearing messages by default will have no effect on existing conversations. When you begin a new one-on-one chat, a notice will appear to inform you that the disappearing messages feature has been enabled. This notice will be accompanied by a note stating that the feature is enabled by default (so that your contacts don’t assume it is something ). For individual chats, you can also choose to turn off the setting entirely if you so desire.

Despite the that the new default setting has no effect on chats, WhatsApp has that it has added a new option when creating groups that allows you to turn on the disappearing messages feature.

The new features, according to the company, are now available on all platforms, mobile. Instructions on how to use them are included. According to The Verge, the answer to 3m4 can be found in WhatsApp’s FAQ.

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