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Two people were killed in separate Palpa accidents.

A in Nisdi -7 of has resulted in the of one person. According to the District Police Office in Palpa, the deceased has been as Tufani Kunwar Yogi, 45, of Sunwal Municipality-3, Nawalparasi, who lived in Sunwal Municipality-3, Nawalparasi.

After getting off his tipper (Pra 2-03 Kha 4669) without turning off the engine, Driver Yogi proceeded to walk behind the vehicle, when his backed up, crushing his head between it and another tipper, killing him (Ga 2 Kha 361).

The death of Yogi, according to Police Inspector Laxman of the District Police Office Palpa, occurred while he was traveling from Sardi to Bhutuki on a motorcycle.

In a , a girl was while working on a tractor trolley in Rampur-5, Bejhad, Palpa district, according to reports. The deceased has been as Munna Chaudhary, the of Jai Kisan Chaudhary of Sarlahi, Israpur. She was a young girl when she was killed.

She was rushed to Rampur , where she succumbed to her injuries after a short of recuperation.

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