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Two major festivals in Chitwan will take place at the same time.

Two major festivals in the district, which have traditionally been alternately every year, will be together this year for the first time. Following the cancellation of the due to COVID last year, the Festival and the Ratnanagar Festival will be held in conjunction this year.

The Chitwan has been postponed for a year due to inclement weather. The festival has been organized alternately every year by the Chambers of Commerce and Industries of Chitwan and Ratnanagar with the of promoting industry, trade, and business in the district. Since 2002, the Chitwan Festival and the Ratnanagar Festival have been on an annual basis, in alternate years.

Following the same decision, the Chitwan was for the final time in 2018 and the Ratnanagar Festival was held for the final time in 2019. The Chitwan Festival will take place from January 9 to January 18 this year, and the Ratnanagar Festival will take place from January 11 to January 22 this year. In addition to the Chitwan Festival, which takes place on the banks of the Narayani River, the Ratnanagar Festival is being held at Tikauli Chaur in Nepal.

The festival, according to Raju Shrestha, of the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, is taking place as a result of discussions between the two organizations. the fact that the Chitwan Festival was unable to take place last year due to COVID, he stated that it would have to take place this year instead. He stated that the work has already begun by another organization in to the assistance that is required.

Anil Krishna Shrestha, chairman of the Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industries, stated that the festival was being organized by the two organizations because it was not possible to hold the festival in different years. At the Chitwan Festival, there will be a total of 404 booths. According to Vice President Chunnarayan Shrestha, the number of rooms has been reduced as a result of the COVID, despite the fact that up to 590 rooms have been reserved for the festival in previous years. According to historical data, the average value of trade during the Chitwan Festival was Rs. 5 billion per day. A total of five lakh people are to attend. There will only be 350 rooms available at the Ratnanagar Festival this year, down from 550 last year.

This year’s Chitwan Festival will be the 13th , and the Ratnanagar Festival will be the 11th installment. The Padampur Tourist, Cultural, and Trade Festival will begin today in the Kalika Municipality of the district, and will run for three weeks. Khichara is celebrated in Khairhani of Parsa by the Tharu community in this area. Their festivals are at the municipal in a number of locations.

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