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Twenty municipalities in the far western United States are disaster-prone.

There have been zones in 20 municipalities in the far-western region of the country, . The areas have been designated as crisis zones by the as a result of the extensive caused by the torrential rains that fell from September 16 to October 15. Under the authority granted by the Reduction and Management Act, 2074 BS, the Ministry of Home Affairs 33 local levels across the country as crisis areas recently, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. The districts of Doti and Dadeldhura, in the far western region, have five local levels, while Bajhang has four, and Baitadi, Bajura, and Darchula each have two.

The Deepayal Silgadhi Municipality in Doti, as well as the of KISingh, Adarsh, Jorayal, and Sayal, as well as the villages of Navdurga, Amargadhi, Alital, Ganyapadhura, and Parashuram in Dadeldhura, have been designated as crisis areas. In addition, the municipalities of Thalara, Vitthadchir, Khaptadchhanna, and Jaya Prithvi in Bajhang, the municipalities of Sigas and Shivnath in Baitadi, the municipalities of Darchula Duhu and Apihimal in Bajura, and the municipalities of Himali and Jagannath in Bajura have all been designated as crisis areas.

After much deliberation, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to declare a zone, which will be in effect until the middle of January 2078 BC. Property in the far west was damaged or destroyed as a result of the relentless rains that fell from the 31st of September to the 3rd of October. At least 37 people were killed and tens of millions more were as a result of the catastrophe.

Mr. Khagendra Bharti, the acting Officer of Baitadi, stated that all reconstruction and rehabilitation , along with the construction of and other physical infrastructure, would be carried out at the grassroots .

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