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Tomorrow is the NC General Convention, which will be held at Bhrikuti Mandap.

For the General Convention of the Congress, which will take place at Bhrikuti Mandap on Pradarshani Marg, the venue has been set. The General Convention’s inauguration, session, and polls will all take place at this location during the Congress.

Approximately 5,000 Congress delegates will vote for a new leadership team over the course of four days of discussions and debates. Aspirants to various positions of bearers and members have been setting up liaison offices in the same location in order to attract representatives.

In order for 200 people to vote simultaneously in the General Convention, special arrangements are being made in . Govinda Pudasaini, Secretary of the Nepali Congress in Kathmandu, has announced that the party plans to set up 200 booths in the National Assembly this year. More than 4,500 delegates who will be in attendance at the convention will be required to vote. To a ballot, Pudasaini estimated that it would take at least an hour to complete. President Barack Obama will be inaugurated on December 10 and will take place on December 22, according to the Congress General Convention schedule.

Over 300 people have been invited to the as part of the Congress’ preparations for the General Convention’s inauguration on July 1. According to Pudasaini, Congress Kathmandu Secretary who has been tasked with managing the stage, a stage with seating for 300 people and space for 40 people to dance is being constructed. He stated that the stage’s construction will be completed by this evening, according to his knowledge. Foreign , world leaders, and artists will be able to take their places on the stage in three stages.

According to Secretary Pudasaini, a grand platform measuring 80 feet in length and 40 feet in width has already been built. More than 100 workers have been hard at for the past three days just to put the platform together. A Nepal Telecom tower has been installed at the convention center for the convenience of those who wish to access the . In addition, media centers, help desks, and a variety of centers have been established.

Three locations in the capital, namely Thamel, Sundhara, and Gaushala, have been reserved for accommodations. Surendra Pandey, coordinator of the accommodation and food and a of the Congress central committee, said that 86 hotels have been reserved so far for 3,800 delegates. 4,300 delegates have been reserved rooms at the hotel for the event.

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