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‘The United States is preparing for war,’ says Dahal.

A new is being planned by the , according to CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (also known as “Prachanda”). He stated that there are signs that the United States is to enter the not only on its own, but also with its allies as well.

Darya Dahal made reference to this in his political report, which was presented in session during the general convention.

Dahal stated that the States has a special military partnership with Britain and Australia to deter from expanding its in the Indo-Pacific region, and that the United States has to expand and strengthen military bases in various countries around the . According to his report, the same strategy was at the heart of the United States’ efforts to improve relations with India.

There are “indications that the States of America is preparing to go to war, not only with itself, but also with its allies,” according to the report. This phenomenon, which has manifested itself as a new War, does not rule out the possibility that imperialism will act in the direction of its own crisis by igniting a new world war in the near .

Prachanda believes that the States is attempting to intensify competition with China and Russia by adopting a Cold War mentality, which he believes is a mistake. According to a recent Pentagon statement, “the United States is engaged in a war of attrition with the State.” In order to counter China’s in the Indo-Pacific region, the States intends to forge special military alliances with the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as to expand and strengthen military bases in a number of countries throughout the region.

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