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The Samsung Galaxy A53 will be available in two different chipset configurations.

The flagship of the Samsung smartphone—the —will have two chipsets, which was a foreseeably predictable development over the past few years in terms of smartphone technology.

According to GSM Arena, it appears that Samsung is considering using the same strategy for one of its best-selling mid-range smartphones. The will be the successor to the A52/A52s and A51, which were all among Samsung’s best-selling mid-range smartphones. The A53, like the flagship S series, is expected to be offered in two , each with a different , as well.

According to the outlet, a source clarified that this is not a result of the that there are both 4G and 5G versions of the A53 – there will only be one 5G version of the A53, according to the source. In some markets, such as the States, this may manifest itself in the form of a new Exynos SoC. (possibly marketed as Exynos 1200 upon launch).

The will be designated by the model number SM-A536U in that country. Also on the way are two new models: the SM-A536B for use in Europe and the SM-A536E for use in the Middle East, North Africa, and a variety of markets, including India. These may be equipped with a variety of different chipsets.

The is expected to be unveiled in March, possibly alongside the A33 and Galaxy A73, and will be available for purchase.

The will have a 64 MP main camera as well as a 5,000 mAh battery, according to the . According to GSM Arena, it will be available in four colors: , , blue, and orange.

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