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The lack of syringes causes the vaccination campaign to be postponed.

The Pfizer campaign has been postponed for a few , according to the government. Because of a of syringes, according to Bharat Bhandari, Officer, Vaccination Branch of the Department of Health Services, the vaccination campaign has been temporarily postponed.

In a statement, Bhandari stated that the campaign will begin as soon as the syringes are delivered. It was he who said, “We will begin the vaccination campaign as soon as the solution necessary for the vaccine is delivered. The of the vaccination campaign has not been set in stone at this time. During the next eight to ten days, the campaign will most likely get underway.”

The Pfizer vaccine necessitates the use of a 0.33 mm syringe manufactured by Pfizer. The Pfizer vaccines for the campaign have already arrived in the country in the amount of six 64 650 . The Health Education, Information, and Communication Center of the of Health and had a notice on 17 stating that the Pfizer vaccination campaign would be launched in eight from December 28 to January 6, according to the notice.

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