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The first day of the open level of 3×3 basketball is today.

The Lalitpur Basketball Association is hosting the first open level 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Rangasala, which is being supported by the Basketball Association (NeBA), which begins today.

An overall total of 20 teams competed in the competition, which was divided into four pools, each of which consisted of five squads.

To to the semifinals, each must against four other teams from their respective pool.

It will be 40,000 dollars for the winning in the final, and 20,000 dollars for the second-place .

The tournament’s Most Valuable will a $10,000 prize.

The tournament began on 3rd and will conclude on December . For more information, visit the tournament website.

The tournament’s major sponsors include AP Housing and Pvt.Ltd, Club Platinum, Matrika Centre, Birajman, Jhamel Beats, and Trendway Pvt.Ltd. Other sponsors include Jhamel Beats and Trendway International Pvt.Ltd. RC Cola is the beverage sponsor for this event.

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