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The death toll from the Baitadi jeep accident has risen to five.

At this , there have been five deaths as a result of a Baitadi jeep . One of the victims, Janaki , 40, of Patan -1, has been as the other. Bhattarai passed away while receiving at the Patan Primary Health Center in Patan, India. The accident occurred at Sakar Thali in Patan municipality-1 on Monday evening, killing four people on the spot, according to Rajesh , Chief of Police Office, Patan. The jeep was traveling from Patan Bazaar to Kailapal when it was involved in the accident, he said.

According to Rajesh Shahi, the in-charge of the Area Police Office in Patan, Binod Bhattarai, 13, and Rama Bhattarai, 72, of Patan municipality-1, Sakar, Prem Chunara, 24, and Manisha BK, 20, were among those who died on the spot. Binod Bhattarai and Rama Bhattarai were both from Patan municipality-1.

Five more people are hurt as a result of the accident. When it comes to the injured, the health of Om Prakash Bhattarai and Man Dhoj Bhattarai is in critical condition. Both of them have been referred to Dadeldhura for further evaluation and care.

It was by a police source that the jeep was approximately 11 people, the drivers. The vehicle came to a approximately 100 meters off the road. Khemraj Pandey, a Jeep driver from the Patan-5 Basantapur area, has gone missing. The exact cause of the accident is still unknown.

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