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The construction of the Film City is progressing.

The of a film city is about to begin in Dangdunge, a popular tourist destination on Lankuri Hill in Bhimeshwor Municipality-9 of Dolakha. Dangdunge is a popular tourist destination on Lankuri Hill in Bhimeshwor Municipality-9 of Dolakha. The construction of the popular film , which was originally to begin nine years ago, has been postponed.

Bahadur Khadka, the Chief Administrative Officer, that the construction has begun after the state sent the budget to the local level (Bhimeshwar) for the purpose of starting the construction.

Budgetary allocations for the production of films shot at the popular filming location have been frozen for the past two fiscal years. An agreement has been reached between the government and Sanu Suwal JV to the filming location at a cost of Rs.35 million and a local body contribution of Rs 6.8 million, according to the local body.

Mayor Khadka also stated that a city information with an entrance, training room, and two guest houses would be built in addition to the information center.

He clarified that a will be constructed at Kharidhunga on the Lamosangu-Jiri road section, approximately 600 meters above the entrance from Piskar of Sindhupalchowk, and that the structure will be constructed in phases.

Madandas Shrestha, Film City’s visionary and engineer, and senior artist, expressed his dissatisfaction with the construction’s stalemate by saying, “It has already spent Rs 124.5 million on the construction of a six and a half kilometer long two-lane road in the Film City area, as well as on a foot trail and infrastructures such as drains. It has also spent Rs 10 million on providing water and electricity to the area.”

Shrestha shared information that a master plan for the construction of Film City at a cost of approximately Rs 5 billion had been prepared “An in-depth project report for the construction of an administrative building, at a cost of approximately Rs. 250 million, has been prepared in the first phase.”

It has been determined from the master plan that, if the structure is added in accordance with the amount of and the number of pending films, the total cost will be approximately Rs 15 billion. It is planned to build an administrative building with accommodations in Film City as well as an indoor shooting studio and -production unit on an area of approximately 9.42 acres. Other include an avenue of monuments, a guest house as well as thematic villages of different castes, an airport helipad, and a pond.

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