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The beginning of the MBBS program at KAHS is a watershed moment in the school’s history: President Bhandari

As a result of the establishment of the Karnali Academy of Health Science (KAHS), Karnali has gained a new chapter in its history. The expressed hope that the official launch of the long-awaited program at KAHS signaled the beginning of a new chapter in the institution’s history of progress.

On Sunday, President Bhandari said this while launching the MBBS program at the Kala Academy of Higher Education (KAHE) in Jumla. “Karnali has a distinct cultural identity in the country. It has been known as the origin of the Khas Arya community and the Nepali language since antiquity, according to legend “She reminded them that this was also the site of the development of the glorious Sinja civilization.

She went on to say that the Karnali and Heritage Society an important role in promoting Karnali. He believes it has enormous potential, and he emphasizes the importance of utilizing that potential for the benefit of the people and the transformation of the province, as Bhandari has stated.

President Bhandari also recalled the importance of agricultural production, herbs, handicrafts, lakes and rivers, as well as and tourist destinations, all of which have contributed to the prosperity of the Karnali over the years.

She congratulated the Nepalese students who had pursued their long-held dream of studying MBBS in their home country. She also expressed gratitude to the people of Karnali, the intellectual circle, academicians, the government, and other stakeholders who worked together to bring the MBBS program to Karnali to fruition. She also helped to lay the groundwork for a new building for the college, which is currently under construction. It is being constructed at a of Rs 76o million dollars.

Dr. Mangal Rawal, the -Chancellor of the Academy, that the academic programs for MBBS, B Pharma, BNS, BMS, and other programs began at the KAHS as early as today, January 1.

Tilak Pariyar, the Chief of Karnali Province, stated that the formal inauguration of the MBBS program at KAHS has resulted in improved health indicators in the Karnali region. “It represents a watershed in the history of the country’s health sector,” he said.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rawal also expressed gratitude to all sectors that contributed to the realization of the MBBS program at KAHS.

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