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Teku Hospital is seeing an increase in the number of COVID patients.

There were only two patients in the intensive unit (ICU) of Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases in Teku, Kathmandu, who were suffering from up until a few ago. Currently, however, the number has to eight people.

The number of people admitted to the intensive unit (ICU) as a result of infections has been .

For the past week, the number of critically ill patients has been steadily increasing at the hospital. More than one-third of them have not received a vaccination against the flu.

In accordance with hospital administration, 11 infected individuals are currently being treated in facilities. The majority of those infected are experiencing diarrheal symptoms.

“Patients may experience diarrhea-related problems as a result of the growing cold,” Dr. Manishha , the hospital’s , explained. “However, there are some new symptoms.”

According to hospital statistics, the vast majority of those admitted to the hospital are not immunized. “Those who have received vaccinations have also been entry. Many people, on the other hand, choose not to get . They have suffered additional health complications as a result of this “Dr. Rawal expressed himself.

According to her, the danger has in Nepal as a result of the of the Omicron of in India. She recommended that the standards of public health be followed and that vaccination be made available to all.

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