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Strangers will have their ‘last seen’ status hidden by default on WhatsApp.

is releasing a new privacy that will conceal your last seen from you don’t know or haven’t chatted with in the app.

Previously, WhatsApp the to “Everyone” by , allowing anyone with to your WhatsApp status to see it.

According to The Verge, WhatsApp’s new update restricts the visibility of your status to you’ve added to the platform and instead defaults to “My Contacts.”

The “My Contacts” option for your “last seen” status has always been available, but it has never been the app’s default.

It’s also noting that WhatsApp already has a “Nobody” option for hiding your status from all users.

Your WhatsApp status tells other contacts when you were last online and if you’re currently using the app.

Turning on the “My Contacts” option prevents third- apps from logging your online status because an app isn’t considered one of your contacts and thus can’t see your status.

WhatsApp has also been to user privacy by its disappearing messaging feature the default.

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