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Singapore has confirmed two cases of Omicron COVID-19.

Singapore’s Ministry of in a press on Monday that two cases of -19, the Omicron variant, had been confirmed by the country.

On 2, the two Singaporeans were found to be for the Omicron variant in a preliminary test. It has been determined that the cases are with the Omicron variant after whole-genome sequencing was completed at the National Public Health Laboratory. Both infected individuals are vaccinated and are experiencing only mild symptoms such as coughing and scratchy throat.

According to the ministry, they were placed in upon their arrival in Singapore on 1.

One such individual is a 44--old Mozambican national who arrived in Johannesburg after transiting through the city. The other case involves a 41-year-old woman who had traveled to the United from South Africa.

On Monday, the city-state of Singapore reported 662 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to the health ministry, 638 of the new cases were discovered in the community, 13 were discovered in migrant worker dormitories, and 11 were cases.

An estimated 850 COVID-19 cases are currently being treated in throughout the Southeast country.

There are four more. According to the Ministry of Health, seven COVID-19 patients, ranging in from 81 to 97, died as a result of complications related to the infection, bringing the total number of coronavirus-related to 763.

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