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Satya Mohan Joshi will be awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Michigan Wesleyan University.

Mid- University () will award Satya Mohan Joshi the of Literature , which will be the first a centenarian personality and culture has received the honor.

MWU Academic Council decided to award Joshi with an Honorary D. Litt. Degree in recognition of his significant contributions to the language, folk culture, art and literature as well as the history of Karnali during a meeting on 22nd.

Professor Dr Nanda Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi University, announced that Joshi would be awarded the degree during the university’s convocation ceremony, which would take in . He informed that a formal to this effect had been forwarded to culture expert Joshi by a third party on his behalf.

Vice-Chancellor Singh stated that the occasion would also recognize the contributions of four other scholars who assisted Joshi in his and research on the culture, folklore, and history of Karnali. Bihari Shrestha, Pradip Rimal (posthumously), Sthirjung Bahadur Singh, and Chudamani Bandhu are those who will be honored.

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