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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra could be renamed the Galaxy S22 Note, according to reports.

The Galaxy S22 , a from tech giant Samsung, is to include a slot for a S Pen, similar to the Galaxy .

According to GSM Arena, the most recent suggest that the phone will not only include a stylus, but that it will also be renamed Galaxy S22 Note, indicating that the Galaxy S22 Note will be the largest Samsung flagship of the series.

According to GSM Arena, the rumor originates from user @FrontTron, who has a history of being correct with Samsung leaks in the past.

Having the letters S and Note in the same name seems out of place, but the current supply chain issues, which are being driven by the COVID-19 , have resulted in a slew of bizarre situations.

Because of its large screen and S Pen compatibility, Samsung attempted to the Galaxy Z Fold3 as a viable alternative to the Galaxy Note21, which was ultimately cancelled. However, the need for a Note device is understandable, even if it means blurring the lines between flagship series.

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