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In a public statement, Prakashman Singh shows his support for Deuba.

- Sher Bahadur has received the endorsement of Nepali Congress leader Prakashman , one of the party’s 14th General Convention presidential candidates. Deuba is the incumbent president of the country.

In a meeting this morning at his Chaksibari private , Leader Singh claimed that the two came to an agreement on the matter. He claimed that the two had promised to administer the in accordance with the party constitution and to correct any problems that had been uncovered during the investigation.

Notably, the for the party’s new President is being held a because no candidate received the necessary 51 percent of the total votes. Voting is scheduled to begin today at 3:30 p.m., according to current arrangements.

In the first round of voting, Prime and incumbent President received 2,258 votes, with his closest challenger Shekhar Koirala receiving 1,702 votes. In the round of voting, received 2,258 votes, with his closest rival Shekhar Koirala receiving 1,702 votes. A similar number of votes were cast for Singh, who received 371 votes, while Bimalendra received 250 votes and Kalyan Gurung received 22 votes. The job of President was up for grabs, with five individuals vying for the position of party leader.

76 ballots were found to be invalid, resulting in a total of 4,679 votes being cast out of 4,743 total votes cast.

Candidates for President must receive more than 50% of the total number of votes cast. If no candidate meets this requirement in the first round of voting, a runoff election will be held between the two highest-ranking competitors, with the winner being determined by who the greatest number of votes cast in all rounds of voting.

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