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PM Deuba wishes everyone a joyous Vivah Panchami.

On the occasion of Vivah Panchami 2078 BS, Prime Sher Deuba has extended his warmest greetings to all citizens of the country and those who live in foreign countries.

The best example of truth, religion, conduct, discipline, duty, and social justice can be obtained today from the inspiration of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, according to him, through the exchange of good wishes. Prime Minister Deuba has stated that ’s daughter, Sita, is the epitome of our pride, and that we can learn from her the qualities that make for an ideal , according to him.

According to Vedic Sanatan Hindu , Lord Rama traveled from Ayodhya to Janakpur dham, the capital of the ancient of Mithila, where he married Princess Sita during the Tretayuga period.

When Rama and Sita are commemorated in the temple of Ram Janaki, it is customary to remember Sita and her husband Rama with reverence and to hold various religious programs throughout the year praising their fame, as is done to commemorate their marriage. According to Prime Minister Deuba, in the current situation, where the epidemic of COVID-19 has not been completely eradicated, it is to observe the festival with while keeping the health standards in mind.

This great historical festival of cultural significance, he hoped, would inspire everyone to harder to the bonds of mutual brotherhood and harmony, as well as national unity.

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