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OnePlus has announced the release of the Buds Z2, which feature noise cancellation and a longer battery life.

In a recent announcement, OnePlus that it would be releasing the Z, a -friendly that was widely praised last year.

Specifically, according to GSM Arena, the Buds Z2 look exactly like the original version, but they include significant upgrades such as active noise cancellation (ANC) and a battery life.

Each bud contains a 40 mAh battery, which was provided by OnePlus. It promises 5 of non-stop playback when the ANC is turned on and 7 hours when the ANC is turned off.

The charging case, on the other hand, contains a 520 mAh battery that can be charged via USB-C and provides enough juice to the buds to last for five hours of playback in just ten .

According to GSM Arena, a transparency mode is also available in the buds, which disables the automatic noise cancellation (ANC) for the time when a user needs to be aware of his or her .

When it comes to sound quality, there should only be a slight difference between the Buds Z2 and the Buds Pro, according to the company, who claims that the same 11mm dynamic drivers found in the Buds Pro are also available in the Buds Z2.

These OnePlus Buds, like the of the OnePlus , will provide improved integration with OnePlus-branded smartphones. However, if a user has a from a different manufacturer, they can adjust the settings through the HeyMelody app.

According to GSM Arena, the price for a pair of Buds Z2 is USD 99, with Pearl White being the only color option available at this time.

It is also planned to release an Obsidian color, which should be available sometime next year.

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