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Nursing can be taught in 100-bed hospitals, according to Minister Paudel.

Devendra , of , Science, and , has stated that only colleges with their own 100-bed hospital are to , with discussions currently taking in the of the remaining colleges and universities.

In an interview with media personalities, Paudel stated that activities should not be carried out that go beyond the act formulated by the Medical Commission, which he believes is a good idea.

The act drafted by the Commission two years ago mentions that self-owned colleges can establish a 100-bed hospital and teach nursing, according to the speaker.

He asserted that a held at the a few ago had directed all colleges with a 100-bed hospital to begin teaching as quickly as possible.

According to Paudel, the PCL studies could not be carried out because a decision had already been made to abolish the profession in 2080 BS.

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