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According to the 2020 corruption index, Nepal is ranked 177th out of 180 countries.

is Anti-Corruption , which is observed in over 100 countries around the . Corruption are investigated and prosecuted by Transparency International (TI), which is an international non-governmental organization (NGO).

When it comes to fighting corruption, Nepal is ranked 117th in the according to the Transparency International 2020 anti-corruption , which how well combat corruption. A Transparency International investigation found that Nepal is the world’s third most corrupt country, trailing only Pakistan and Afghanistan in terms of corruption.

Similar to this, Nepal’s in South is only marginally better than that of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Factbook ranks Pakistan at 124th and Afghanistan at 16 in terms of population size and population density.

Bhutan, which is ranked 24th on Transparency International’s list of the least corrupt countries in South Asia, is the least corrupt country in the region. Bhutan is also the least corrupt country in the world.

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