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Nepal and Qatar have reached an agreement to revise the 2005 Labour Agreement.

It has been agreed that the Bilateral Labour Agreement between and will be revised. At the fourth meeting of the Nepal-Qatar Joint Committee, both parties agreed to revise the 2005 agreement, which was signed in Kathmandu.

While the Qatari side has not yet accepted Nepal’s proposal, it has indicated its willingness to assist in the socio-economic reintegration of Nepali migrant workers who have returned from Qatar, which is one of the most popular destinations for Nepali migrant workers. The Qatar Visa Centre will be further systematized, as well, as the has agreed.

Furthermore, the Government of Qatar has given its approval for the establishment of training centers in all of Nepal’s provinces, with the goal of increasing the capacity of workers who will be hired by the country.

After being urged to lift a on domestic labor during the meeting, the participants agreed to form a bilateral joint committee that would incorporate the issues raised during the meeting into a revised labor agreement, which would be based on the recommendations of the same committee.

Prior to this, a - committee from Qatar had paid a to Kumar Shrestha, Minister for Labor, Employment, and Security, and his team, during which they discussed safe and systematic labor migration.

In response to Qatar’s request to lift the on domestic labor, the Minister stated that he would reach a decision after consulting with a number of different organizations and bodies.

The safety and welfare of workers would be the priority, according to him, as the process moved closer to that goal.

In of this, the Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Commerce, Labour, and Consumers recommended seven conditions for a destination country to hire domestic labor and directed the government to allow the process only if all of the criteria were met.

During the meeting, it is that the squad from Qatar expressed its willingness to adhere to the recruitment criteria recommended by the Committee on Sports.

Participants in the meeting discussed topics such as ensuring workers’ security, workplace safety, health and insurance , and so on.

Binu Bajracharya, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Security, led the Nepali delegation to the meeting, which was also attended by Pushpa Raj , Under Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign , and Thaneshwor Bhusal, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

The meeting was presided over by Ministry Secretary Yek Narayan Aryal, who also presented the meeting agenda to the delegation from Qatar.

Qatar was represented at the meeting by Mohammed Hassan Al-Obaidli, Secretary of Labor Affairs for the State of Qatar.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Qatar dates back approximately three decades. During the 2005 World Cup, both countries signed the Labour Agreement, which aimed to make labor migration safe and systematic.

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