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NC 14th GC: 1,300 votes cast in re-election

A total of 1,300 were cast in the reelection to elect the party’s president in its 14th Convention as of 5:00 p.m.

In the second round of , Prime Minister and NC President Sher Deuba and Shekhar Koirala are vying for the .

In the voting center in , six polling stations have been set up for voting.

Both are attempting to persuade voters who have already cast their ballots to vote for them for the party presidency.

Because no candidate received 51 percent of the total votes cast in the Monday election, the reelection for the party presidency began this afternoon.

According to Gopal Krishna Ghimire, the central election coordinator, time has been allotted until 7:30 p.m. to vote for the position of party president.

The 14th General Convention will have a total of 4,743 delegates.

Deuba finished the first round of voting on Monday with 2,258 votes, while his closest competitor Koirala received 1,702 votes. Similarly, Prakash received 371 votes, followed by Bimalendra Nidhi with 250 votes and Kalyan Gurung with 22 votes. There were five candidates running for the position of party President.

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