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NAC is authorized to transport hazardous materials.

Nepal Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, has been granted permission to hazardous materials. Airlines has been granted permission to transport dangerous goods on flights for the first time in its 63-year of operations.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the country’s regulatory body, has permission letters for the transportation of dangerous goods by aircraft. Previously, the national flag carrier was authorized to transport dangerous goods by obtaining a license every three months from the of Transportation. It has now been granted a permanent license to operate in this manner going forward.

It will be easier to transport drugs of various categories as well as electronic goods in the future as a result of this. The NAC’s widebody A 330 aircraft, which has a cargo bearing capacity of approximately 14 tons, will be used for the transportation of dangerous goods. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NAC) anticipates that the permission will also the effectiveness of its aviation .

During a program on , CAAN’s Director- Rajkumar Chhetri handed over the license to NAC Executive Director Yubaraj Adhikari in the presence of for Tourism Prem Ale, who was also present.

On the occasion, Tourism Ale stated that obtaining approval for the import and export of dangerous goods was a significant achievement for Nepal, and that it will also eliminate hassles in the export and import processes, as well as the revenue of the National Agricultural Corporation.

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