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MBBS classes have started in Jumla

Medical education and health care are now available in Karnali, making it no longer an inaccessible region. The Karnali Institute of Health Sciences on Sunday began offering the much-anticipated MBBS classes, and services in remote areas have already begun to take off a decade after the institute’s founding.

The institute was established by the government in 2068 BS at Khalanga, the district headquarters of Jumla, with the goal of providing medical education and health services to people living in remote areas of Karnali. The Medical Education Commission, in a meeting held on June 12, decided to approve the academy’s request to educate students in 20 seats at the MBBS level, effective immediately. The commission also announced on Sunday that 15 of the academy’s available seats have been filled from among students who have for the first time through an integrated entrance examination administered by the commission. There are a number of female students among them as well. This past Sunday, he had taken part in a reception hosted by the foundation. “I am overjoyed to be able to come to Jumla and enroll in the MBBS program,” said Om Kumar Yadav, a student enrolled in the first number of the program. Another student, Apeksha Parajuli, stated that she chose the institute for her MBBS studies because the teachers, laboratory, and equipment are of quality.

For the first time in the academy’s history, postgraduate level-9 MD of medical education courses will be taught beginning with the current academic session. Dr. Rahis Koju from , Dr. Prasanna Tamrakar from Kathmandu, and Dr. Ved Kumar Chaudhary from Kapilvastu are pursuing their General MD in General Practice and Emergency Medicine at that level.

Dr. Lalit Singh Dhami, a resident of Darchula, now Dhangadhi, and Dr. Munna Keshari, a resident of Bara Kalaiya, are both pursuing their MD degrees in Pediatrics at the MD level. From this year onwards, the institute will also be offering Pharmacy 9B Pharmacy and Nursing courses at the undergraduate level as well. Each subject will have a total of 20 students studying it. The institute has already begun offering courses in VNS Midwifery and BPH to students.

According to the institute, 15 students who passed the integrated entrance examination administered by the commission will receive a full scholarship and five fees in order to continue their studies at the institute. In addition, the institute has built a 300-bed for the purpose of -level medical subject teaching. The is equipped with a 10-bed intensive care unit (ICU) as well as a four-bed operating theater. “With the introduction of MBBS classes in Jumla, the overall quality of healthcare and education in Karnali will see a significant improvement. According to a foundation official, it will serve as a cornerstone in the effort to bring health care within of low-income individuals and families.

According to the academy’s website, there are 82 specialized doctors who work in the medical education department to teach students. Karnali students’ dream of receiving quality medical education in their own backyard has been realized, according to Prada , the academy’s headmaster. “The door is to turn Karnali into a medical hub,” she added. MBBS and MD programs will be introduced at the academy, which will serve as a cornerstone for medical education and health-care delivery in the country.

“Graduate medical education is the cornerstone of Karnali’s development,” said Prada Thapa, director of education, in expressing gratitude to the government for the much-anticipated MBBS program’s contribution to the overall health of the .

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Raj Wagle, the academy’s former Vice-Chancellor, made a significant contribution to the management of the curriculum, the development of physical infrastructure, the upgrading of Jumla Hospital, the acquisition of additional equipment, and the recruitment of skilled manpower for the operation of these two programs. His were, “A new in the improvement of Karnali’s health has begun.” “The emphasis should now be on excellent teaching,” says the author. Naresh , former for Internal Affairs and Law of Karnali State, stated that the dream of the people of Karnali to come to Karnali and pursue a medical has been realized with the establishment of the MBBS program.

According to him, “Karnali is now producing medical manpower to provide healthcare to the country.”

Amrit Bhandari, the Foundation’s Administrative Officer, stated that the MBBS and MD programs have opened up new opportunities for medical students and graduates. “The foundation is committed to providing -quality healthcare to the people of Karnali,” he explained. “In addition to providing services, we will now concentrate on education.”

The Jumla Hospital, which is operated by the Foundation for Coronary Testing and Treatment, has been providing excellent services in the country for many years. In addition, the foundation has been coordinating the placement of health workers in hospitals and municipalities throughout Karnali, where there is a severe of doctors. They have now been transformed into a place that produces manpower, including specialist doctors, after previously being denied access to citamole mills and other industrial facilities. Karnali will now be able to produce not only herbs, but also the skilled health workers that the country desperately requires.

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