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Martha Stewart has confirmed that she is in a relationship with someone.

Martha Stewart, an television personality and businesswoman, has that she has a new interest in her life, but she has not revealed who it is.

Andy Cohen, the host of the television ‘Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen,’ asked Stewart about her life during a recent episode of the show, according to Fox .

When asked if she was seeing anyone, Stewart responded emphatically with “no.” Her immediate clarification, however, was as follows: “I shouldn’t say no to this offer. To be honest, I’d say yes, but I’m not going to tell you.”

During their conversation about Stewart’s infamous thirst trap , which the celebrity chef shared in the summer of 2020, the two came to the realization that Stewart was lying about the photo. Stewart revealed that she received “quite a few” messages as a result of her blog . She, on the other hand, did not take any of their offers up on them.

“Ignore all of them,” Stewart previously stated, citing her “busy person” status as the reason for her decision. She expressed herself as follows: “I received an overwhelming number of proposals and propositions. But I had to turn a blind to all of them. I’m a person who keeps himself very busy.”

Stewart claimed that the hot and humid spell occurred by chance late last . “A pool photo was taken by mistake, she admitted in an interview with People magazine, explaining that she was trying to photograph the beautiful turquoise planter at the end of the pool when the camera focused on her. “I just snapped it because the camera was on me,” she said. Because it looked so good, I decided to share it.”

Stewart can be seen lounging by the pool in the photo, sporting frosty pink lipstick, shimmery eyeshadow, and mascara, as well as slightly puckered lips and her head cocked to the side for effect.

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