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Let us work together to protect our national heritage, says President Bhandari.

President Bidyadevi Bhandari has called on all citizens to contribute to the preservation of the country’s natural and cultural heritage. President Bhandari, speaking at the inauguration of the newly constructed stadium in Matihani Municipality-7 of Mahottari , urged all those present to take the initiative in protecting the ’s heritage and glorious , which he attributed to the ancient sage Tapi and Sadhana Bhumi Mithilakshetra.

According to President Bhandari, “State-2 is renowned as the abode of ancient Mithila scholars such as Ashtavakra, Yajnavalkya, Gargi, Maitreyi, and King Janak, as well as the site of Vidushi’s sadhana and asceticism.” She also discussed how the sadhana of the great poet Vidyapati of the Maithili language has contributed to the enrichment of the country’s literary heritage. Furthermore, President Bhandari asserted that sports would a significant role in the development and identification of the country.

Taking this into consideration, she stated that the Matihani Municipality has completed a timely job by constructing a massive stadium that is in keeping with the times. President Bhandari stated that she believes that regular practice in the new stadium will cultivate national talents in the country.

President Bhandari stated that because the Terai region of the country is a fertile agricultural area, the government at all three levels, including the local, state, and federal levels, should take the initiative to increase the skills, technology, and facilities required by farmers for modern farming by increasing the use and practice of new technology in agriculture.

As he spoke on the occasion, President Bhandari noted that the Mithila region has a unique place in Nepal’s overall history.

President Bhandari applauded the state government’s ‘Daughter Insurance’ and ‘Save Daughter-Educate Daughter’ programs, which have been implemented to help reduce this problem. “This initiative, which was initiated by the state-2 government, will contribute to the strengthening of women’s education and the development of women as capable citizens,” said Bhandari. It is a source of regret that anomalies and distortions such as child marriage, incestuous marriages, polygamy, dowry, tilak and witchcraft are still prevalent in society, according to the President, despite the improvement in the state of education. “Our efforts must be concentrated on putting an end to these,” she said.

During his speech, President Bhandari pointed out that the then Sanskrit Pathshala and the current state Sanskrit Secondary School, both of which were established in Matihani 300 years ago, have made significant contributions to bringing the light of education to the entire country. Deputy Principal Bhandari stated that it was the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the timely improvement and development of the institution.

She stated that only if she takes the initiative in the protection and consolidation of Matihani’s religious heritage, which includes the Laxminarayan Math, Laxminarayan Temple, Tashmaiya Baba’s Khanti, Pir Baba Shrine, Laxmisagar, and the nearby Jaleshwar Nath Mahadev Temple, will her glorious past be seen and understood.

Because life in the Terai is inextricably linked to the Chure Mountains, President Bhandari has stated that proper attention must be paid to the preservation of the Chure Mountains in their natural state. Bhandari stated that the preservation of the Chure and the prosperity of Terai are “complimentary” to one another, and that “the preservation of the Chure and prosperity of Terai are not possible without the protection of the Chure.” She explained that in order to achieve this, it is necessary to the river system by discouraging the exploitation of Chure.

President Bhandari was presented with gifts of Mithila art and culture during the ceremony, which was attended by Chanda Chaudhary, MP for Matihani Municipality, and members of the Mahottari Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The President received a congratulatory from Matihani Mayor Hari Prasad Mandal, who was present for the occasion. The President of the Republic of India, Shri Ram Bhandari, presented certificates of appreciation to Matihani employees Bimalesh Sah, Binod Mandal, and Naresh Mahato for their unwavering efforts in the construction of the stadium during the ceremony. In addition to Matihani Municipality Hari Prasad Mandal, State II Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut, MP and National of the Loktantrik Samajwadi Party Nepal Mahanta Thakur, and Chief of the District Coordination Committee Mahottari Suresh Prasad Singh spoke at the inauguration ceremony.

Following the inauguration of the stadium, which was constructed on a 19-katha plot of land at a cost of Rs 30 million, President Bhandari paid a visit to the 500--old Laxminarayan Math at Matihani, as well as the Laxminarayan Temple and the shrine of Saint Tashmaiya Baba, all of which are located nearby. President Bhandari also paid a visit to the Government Sanskrit Secondary School, which has been in for 303 years.

Rudrabhishek was recited by the students to the President, who had come to visit the school. President Ram Nath Kovind was given an on the school’s physical and educational conditions by Principal Ishwori Prasad Poudel during this visit.

Following the Matihani program, President Bhandari visited Shri Jaleshwar Nath Mahadev in Jaleshwar and paid his respects to him. The President was greeted by the Mayor of Jaleshwar, Ram Shankar Mishra, as well as people’s representatives, civil servants, and industrialists.

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