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Kawasoti IRO generates revenue in excess of Rs 2 billion.

In the first four of the fiscal 2078/79, the Inland Revenue Kawaswoti has more than Rs 2 more than its target, exceeding its own expectations.

Amrit Adhikari, the Inland Revenue Office’s information and a tax , recently stated that the Inland Revenue has exceeded its revenue collection target by approximately Rs 1.95 billion in the first semester of the current fiscal year, according to the office.

According to Information Adhikari, the had generated Rs 7.76 billion in revenue during the under review, compared to the target of Rs 5.81 billion within the frame of mid-November 2021, he added. According to him, the revenue collection against the target is 133.52 as a result of this.

Excise duty revenue was the most profitable category for the office, with the highest amount collected. During the reporting period, Rs 7.48 billion in excise duty was collected, compared to a target of Rs 5.56 billion. This represents an from the previous year.

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