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Karan Chaudhary, Suzuki distributor for Nepal, has announced his candidacy for President of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

In of the upcoming of the Automobiles Association of Nepal, Karan Chaudhary, Vice-President of the organization, announced his intention to for President of the organization. After announcing his , Chaudhary then announced the names of the members of his who will be running for the various positions available in the upcoming elections.

“Our team has the perfect blend of experience and passion,” he said when announcing his . “Our team will be able to forward by developing the automobile sector in a balanced manner, both during adversity and opportunity.” It was also stated that his panel represents the entire auto , including four-wheelers, two-wheelers, batteries and lubricants, tires and spare parts, as well as machinery, agricultural equipment, and other related sectors.

His panel consists of businessmen with extensive experience in the automobile industry as well as individuals who are passionate about the automobile industry from the current generation.

There are nine panelists: Anup Kumar Baral, Surendra Kumar Upreti (Suresh), Vikram Singhania, Rajan Babu , Abhik Jyoti, Milan Babu Malla, Nilmani Pathak (Ram), Pankaj Agrawal, Rajendra Agrawal, Sunil Rijal, Bardan Basnet, Nishan Dhakal, Prakash Kapuri, Devraj , Gangaraj Bhattarai, and

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