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Inscriptions from antiquity discovered in the Patan Durbar area

Some archaeological have been discovered in the Patan Square of Lalitpur, which was previously undiscovered. A 6-foot-tall Lichchavi- inscription was discovered underneath a golden window in front of the Bhimsen temple while digging a ditch inside the Durbar Square grounds. The records were discovered by an archaeology team by Prakash Darnal, who was responsible for their discovery.

On the of September, 2021, a pre-medieval inscription was discovered while digging a ditch in the vicinity of the site. On 20, the of the Middle Ages were discovered beneath the ground.

The inscriptions, which were difficult to read due to the cement mixture, are written in the Licchavi script and an old Sanskrit language, which is mentioned in the text. It is possible to up to 15 rows of inscribed lines along either side of the carvings of a deer and a “Dharmachakra” (dragon-headed chariot). The inscription 85 centimeters in length and 52 centimeters in width.

The inscription contains the name Anshu Varma, who is credited with creating it. The of June 479 AD is clearly written on the parchment. This inscription also unequivocally that Vrishadeva established a monastery on the site.

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