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In nine years, the Dharma Bhakta Hospital has transplanted 800 kidneys.

Up until Monday, the Sahid Dharmabhakta National Center in Bhaktapur had successfully transplanted kidneys into the bodies of 800 . Dr Pukar Chandra Shrestha, Director of the Organ Transplant Center, says the institution, also known as the Human Organ Transplant Center, has achieved this success in its nine years of operation.

According to reports, a team led by kidney and liver transplant surgeon Dr Shrestha, senior nephrologist Dr Kalpana Shrestha, consultant urologist and transplant surgeon Prof Dr Rakesh Barma, anesthesiologist Dr Arati , and nursing director Kopila from the Center was responsible for the completion of the large number of .

According to Executive Director Shrestha, organ donors had a 100 percent success rate with their transplants, while kidney transplant recipients had a 98 percent success rate. Established in 2012, the Center is dedicated to the advancement of ’s .

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