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In just five months, diesel worth 49 billion dollars was imported.

has spent nearly twice as much on this year as it did the previous year. According to the customs department, despite the fact that the volume of diesel has by only 14.5 compared to the previous year, the investment in diesel has more than as a result of the increase in the of diesel on the .

A statistician with the department that the has spent Rs 49.2 to import 645,313 kiloliters of diesel in the first five months of the fiscal year, according to Pudasaini, the department’s statistics officer. During the review period last year, imported 564,685 kiloliters of diesel at a cost of Rs 23.43 billion, a 12% increase over the previous year.

Last year, diesel was imported at an average cost of Rs 41 per liter; this year, the average cost is Rs 74 per liter, according to the Department of Petroleum and Natural .

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