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In Bhaktapur, a man was beaten to death.

A man has been killed on the of the Hanumante river, which runs through Madhyapurthimi -3 Gatthaghar and Suryabinayak Municipality-3 Balkot and both municipalities. According to police, Rajan Shrestha, 33, of Balkot, was assaulted with a object while walking down the street.

He was killed while crossing the Hanumante bridge on his way after parking his vehicle, according to Narhari Regmi, Deputy Superintendent of for the Metropolitan Police Circle.

In accordance with the of the incident, some laborers witnessed him being and it to the authorities. He was rescued by the at approximately 10 p.m., but he on the way to the .

In a statement, Metropolitan Inspector and Information Officer Lok GC said that the incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. and that the deceased suffered serious facial injuries. He went on to say that an investigation into the incident is currently underway.

The man who assaulted is currently being sought by police. According to the police, the of interrogating suspects is currently underway, and the perpetrator will be identified as soon as possible. Several serious injuries to his face and forehead are believed to have been sustained by Shrestha, who believe may have been struck with a object.

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