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Four Bajhang municipalities have been designated as disaster-prone areas.

Four in this area have been designated as disaster-prone by the government. With the authority granted by the Disaster Reduction and Act, 2074 BS, the Ministry of has Thalara, Vitthadchir, Khaptadchhanna, and Jaya Prithvi as , with effect from mid- 2078 BS until the end of the year 2078 BS.

Locals have demanded that disaster-prone areas be declared immediately in Surma and Mashta villages in the district, claiming that the disaster has also affected those villages. Gyan Bahadur Bohara and Deepak Rokaya, both members of the Nepali , have called for Mashta to be declared a crisis zone.

assessment, reconstruction, and rehabilitation will be out in the that have been designated as disaster-prone areas by the government.

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