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Following a successful resolution of the dispute, YouTube TV has restored Disney access.

A between the companies resulted in an interruption of over the , and TV began restoring access to Disney content on Monday morning.

on that the would be restored, allowing customers to once again watch Disney-owned such as ESPN, FX, Geographic, and ABC stations.

As a result of the outage, viewers were unable to access any Disney content, including recordings that had been saved to their personal libraries.

Because of a breakdown in negotiations between and Disney over the terms of the contract between the companies, which expired late , there was a outage on morning. It was YouTube’s request that Disney bill the company at the same for distributing its content as it did for other television providers of similar size. After much deliberation, the two companies came to an on Sunday.

apologized for the inconvenience and announced that it would provide a $15 credit to those who were affected.

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