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Darchula will host a satellite census conducted by the Census Bureau.

The Central Bureau of Statistics will also include the of the ’s Lipulek, Limpiyadhura, and Kalapani in the preliminary results of the Census, which will be conducted in 2078.

Despite the fact that enumerators were unable to reach the area during the national census, which took place from November 10 to November 26, they plan to conduct a second census using alternative methods in the near future. The is currently preparing to release the preliminary results of the census within three months, pending final results from the Census Bureau. Nepal had conducted a census of those areas in the year 2018 BCE.

Hemraj Regmi, the department’s Director-General, explained that the department intends to conduct the census using the method in to count the number of and living in the various areas.

We are preparing to conduct a census using alternative methods because the enumerators were unable to reach the location to collect the necessary information during the census period.

Despite the best efforts of the department to conduct the census in those areas from the department and the district in a diplomatic manner, it was not possible to travel there. As of right now, will be gathered through technological means in collaboration with the local population.

According to the department, people are only found in the Kuti, Navi, and Gunji areas of the district, other places. The population of the area is estimated to be between 700 and 800 people based on the presence of three hundred households.

In response to the rising levels of cold in the country, people residing in those areas will migrate to Darchula’s Chhangru and Tinkar in order to avoid the cold, it easier to communicate with them directly, according to Regmi.

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