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Children’s vaccination is in doubt in Kathmandu and seven other districts.

Concerns have been raised about the future of the Pfizer campaign, which targeted children in eight districts across , including the Kathmandu Valley.

In a notice issued on December 28, the Ministry of Health and Population the launch of a Pfizer vaccination campaign targeting 12- to 17-year-old children in eight districts.

It has become uncertain, according to officials at the Ministry of Health, whether or not the vaccination campaign will be successful due to a delay in the delivery of syringes and fluids.

Good news for the health service department, according to Badebabu Thapa, pharmacy in charge of the supply branch under management division of the health service department: the Pfizer vaccine will arrive on Friday, and the solvent will arrive on December 29. However, the exact date on which the syringe will arrive is unknown.

Despite the that the vaccine is delivered by air, other items such as syringes are transported by road, according to Thapa.

Dr. Viveklal Karna, the of the Welfare Division, acknowledges that the date of arrival of the syringe has not been confirmed, despite the fact that the vaccine has been confirmed.

In order to ensure that 620,000 doses of Pfizer were received under the COVAX facility, the government had planned to vaccinate children.

In a schedule published by the Ministry of Health, Pfizer vaccinations will be in Kathmandu, , Lalitpur, Kavre, Chitwan, Sindhuli, Dadeldhura, and Surkhet beginning on December 28. The first dose of the Pfizer vaccine in those districts was to be administered from December 28 to January 5, and the dose was scheduled to be administered from January 18 to January 27.

The government intends to immunize children at their respective schools. For the same reason, the government has begun the process of six million more Pfizer vaccine doses to be used in pediatric vaccinations.

Since December 18, the Ministry of Health has been implementing a Moderna vaccination campaign for children in 57 districts across the country.

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