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Chepang children are in desperate need of warm clothing.

As a result of poverty and a of proper parental care, many Chepang children in Simthali, Benighatrorang rural municipality-2 in Dhading district, go without a hot meal and on most days. The vast majority of Chepang students at Praja Elementary School in Simthali arrive at school with their stomachs empty.

Some students, according to Apsara Maina, find comfort in the sight of the preparation of a mid-day meal while going to the bathroom, as she explained.

Kali Bahadur Chepang, who in Simthali, is the father of nine children. Only six of them are enrolled in school. Rest of the people join Kali Bahadur for wage work or spend their days doing chores around the . The fact that he has so many mouths to means that Kali Bahadur says he is forced to send some of his children to work.

Orpha Chepang is a fictional character created by author Orpha Chepang. The ordeal of children like Dep Chepang, six years old, and Kamal Chepang, eight years old, has been ongoing since their mother abandoned them for a prolonged of time. Father, who works outside the home, usually returns home every two . The two children have been raised by their grandmother, who is also their primary caregiver.

The sight of children coming to school, unable to fend off the cold due to a lack of clothes, inspires compassion, according to teacher Maina.

When Radha Shrestha, a resident of Kathmandu, coordinated the shipment of stationery materials, clothing, and shoes to the impoverished children in this area last , it was a success.

Several Chepang children have been wearing the same set of and shoes for years, and they are now worn out.

Manmaya Chepang, 11, and Santosh Chepang, 14, are two other children who have suffered a similar fate. The took away their father, leaving them orphaned and without a father figure to guide them. These children have been forced to on the streets due to a lack of parental care.

Despite the fact that the government is supposed to ensure the well-being of marginalized communities, the Chepang in this area has little sense of the difference.

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