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Chapali Height 3 censorship has been approved by the CFIC.

The film ‘Chapali Height 3’ has been cleared by the censors. The Central Film Investigation has given the film a PG rating, which means it is suitable for children. 16-year-olds and younger can view the photograph with their parents.

The film, which is being by Kumar, will be released on 17th. It is a crime-thriller film directed by Nikes , and it is set in the United .

While Deepa Shree Niraula, Arpan Thapa, Laxmi Bardewa, Lokendra Lekhak, and Bishal Pahari are seen in supporting roles in the film, Swastima Khakda and Supuspa Bhatt star as the film’s main characters. Mahesh Tripathi and Pratikman also appear in the film as supporting characters.

Five’ and ‘FD Company’ are the that will distribute the film. While Station Five will distribute the film in the Kathmandu valley, it will be distributed by FD company in areas outside of the valley.

Meanwhile, on the 19th of November, the trailer for the film was unveiled at Q’s cinema, which is located on Marg.

The film will be released on 210 screens across the country, according to the team who spoke at the event.

A similar amount, approximately Rs 2 crores, is being spent on the production of the film, according to the production team.

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