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Camila Cabello has decided to take a “social media detox.”

Cuban- Camila , an singer and songwriter, has announced that she will be taking a “lil social media detox” in a message to her fans.

On Sunday, the ‘Havana’ singer posted a to her Instagram Story, announcing a brief hiatus from social media. In a message to her nearly 60 million Instagram followers, she wrote, “I’m going on a little social media detox until the new year!!!!”

Regarding her decision to take a break from social media for the time being, Cabello shared her reasoning, saying, “I just want to spend a little less time on my phone this week x love y’all.”

According to E! News, the superstar has had a busy period, which has included not only celebrating the holidays but also performing at the White House.

A mariachi rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home for ’ was featured in the PBS special ‘In Performance at the White House: Spirit of the Season’, which aired on 21. Cabello performed the during the special. Cabello was accompanied by her father, Alejandro, on this special occasion.

“My mother is a Cuban immigrant, and my father is a immigrant who recently became a citizen of the United . I was born in the United States to Cuban . This is a crazy moment for me because I’m able to pay tribute to my heritage and represent Latinos while also having my father be to share this moment with me “Cabello shared her thoughts with PBS in a video that was recently shared with E! News.

“The fact that we are an immigrant family and that we are here at the White House is really special and really cool,” she continued.

It’s also been a little more than a month since Cabello and Mendes announced their separation after two of marriage.

A source close to Cabello told E! News that Mendes “initiated” the breakup conversation after the duo called it quits. Cabello has not commented on the report. According to the source, despite the fact that the former Fifth Harmony member was “extremely upset” about the split, she “agreed” that the decision was for the best.

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