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Because of the cold, fewer students are attending school.

The number of attending school in the hilly areas of the district and in the Terai has begun to as a result of the weather that has been experienced in recent days. Students’ attendance at the in question has been drastically reduced, according to the in . The attendance of younger has begun to decline, according to Rita Kumari Magar, a teacher at Panchakanya Basic School in Rauta Bolungkha, since the cold has become more severe in the last week, she explained.

Daan Pulami Magar, a resident of the same location, stated that the parents have not sent their children to school because they fear that the children will contract pneumonia or typhoid as a result of the cold. As a result of the cold weather, according to Sumitra Pokharel, a teacher at Saptakoshi Middle School, only 50% of the students school on a basis.

Because of the cold weather and the of COVID, some parents have begun to keep their children at home, according to Babunarayan , a teacher at Janata secondary school in Handiya. In the district headquarters of Gaighat and the surrounding areas such as Belka Municipality, Beltar and Katari Bazar schools of Chaudandi Gadhi Municipality, teachers that students are still attending regular schools.

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