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Baitadi Jeep Accident Results in Four Deaths and Four Injuries

In a accident that occurred in on Monday evening, at least four people died and four others were injured, according to . The accident occurred at -1, Sakar Thali, while the jeep (Se 1 Ja 888) was on its way to Kailpal from Patan Bazaar.

According to Rajesh Shahi, in- of the Area Office in Patan, the deceased have been as Binod , 13, and Rama Bhattarai, 72, both of Patan -1, Sakar, Prem Chunara, 24, and Manisha BK, 20, all of Sakar.

Om Prakash Bhattarai, Janaki Bhattarai, Deepak Bhattarai, Mandhwoj Bhattarai, Bishnu Bhattarai, and Govinda BK of Patan -1, Sakar, were among those who were injured. They are currently undergoing treatment at the Patan Primary facility.

According to a police , the was carrying a total of 11 people, the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle had come to a approximately 100 meters off the road. Khemraj Pandey, a Jeep driver from the Patan-5 Basantapur area, has gone missing. The exact cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

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