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At a joint benefit concert, Kanye West and Drake put their feud behind them.

The Grammy-winning artists Kanye West and Drake took the stage together for the first since their public reconciliation at the ‘Free Larry Hoover’ , which sold out in minutes.

According to magazine, the concert took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Thursday night. Ticket prices were not disclosed.

After performing West’s ‘Ultralight Beam’ on stage with a choir, the two -hop legends walked down the steps of the Coliseum in a moving performance. West was the first to take the stage and perform his new single, ‘Praise God.’

He then “took it all the way back to the beginning,” performing classics such as ‘Gold Digger,’ ‘Touch the Sky,’ ‘Stronger,’ and ‘All of the Lights,’ among others.

Many photos and of the two rappers from the event have been making the rounds on social media sites recently.

In the following moments, Drake took the stage and performed some of his most popular songs, ‘No in the Industry,’ ‘Life Is Good,” “IMY2,” “Impossible,” and “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

“I appreciate Kanye inviting me up here tonight,” Drake expressed his gratitude.

“I think it’s that we get this accomplished. It felt like we were walking through a dream when we were walking through the arches right there. It was a surreal experience. It was something I’d always wanted to do: be on stage with my idol while he performs songs from one of the best music catalogs ever assembled in one place “Drake went on to say more.

Finally, West and Drake took the stage together, having changed into matching denim jackets and jeans, to perform ‘Hurricane,’ a song West co-wrote with The Weeknd, and ‘Come to Life,’ which was the show’s closing number. He also performed ‘Bound 2’, ‘N—s in Paris’, and ‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1’, as well as a number of other songs.

The show came to a close with both artists performing Drake’s hit song ‘Forever’ on stage together. The two exchanged a hug before exiting the stage together on the same note.

After meeting up with J Prince and declaring that it was “ to put [the feud] to rest,” the two rappers announced the concert a month later.

During the video’s production, West stated, “I’m making this video to address the ongoing back-and-forth between myself and Drake.”

Drake and I have both taken shots at each other, and it’s to put this behind us,” West continued.

As reported by People magazine, Drake and West have agreed to perform on Thursday to raise money for Hoover, who is currently incarcerated at the ADX federal prison in Colorado, where other convicted criminals, including El Chapo Guzman, are also housed.

The of the show was to raise awareness about Hoover’s incarceration and his ’s efforts to have him released following the passage of the 2018 Free Step Act, which allowed federal prisoners drug-related charges to have their sentences reduced. Neither Drake nor West made any mention of Hoover at any point during the show’s duration.

On the tracks ‘Jesus Lord’ and ‘Jesus Lord Pt. 2′ from West’s new album Donda, he collaborates with Larry Hoover Jr., the late Hoover’s son. In the songs, Hoover Jr. promises his father that if he is released from prison, he will not become involved in gang activity. Hoover is now 71 years old.

Hoover was convicted on 40 counts stemming from his as a leader of the Gangster Disciples and his involvement in drug between 1970 and 1997.

While the rappers’ rivalry dates back several years, it resurfaced this year following the release of West’s album Donda and Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy (both of which were released in the same year). On the albums, they both make disparaging remarks about the other.

Despite the fact that the Canadian rapper never mentions West by name, fans were quick to point out several lines in multiple songs from ‘Certified Lover Boy’ that appeared to be jabs at him, most notably on the song ‘7AM on Bridle Path,’ which appears to be a dig at him.

Drake will also perform at the concert, marking his return to the stage after performing with rapper Travis Scott at the deadly Astroworld Festival last month, which resulted in the deaths of ten people. Drake is named in a number of lawsuits stemming from the tragedy, including one for USD 750 million in damages.

The rapper, who has been at the of controversy since welcoming musician Marilyn Manson, who has been accused by more than a dozen women and sued by four others for allegations of sexual and physical abuse, to his ‘Donda’ album and recent Sunday Service, has been in the spotlight recently.

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