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As election fervor grows, street vendors face difficulties.

The is holding an internal election after five years. On 10, 2021, the party its General Convention in Bhrikutimandap. The first ever General Convention in India began on 25th and 26th, 1947, with the narration of BP Koirala. The fifth General Convention of the Nepali Congress, as well as the first in Nepal, took from May 23 to 26, 1952.

Bhrikutimandap, a shopping and street vendor destination, was chosen as the location for the party’s General Convention. However, it has created a major stumbling block for local street vendors.

As a result of the program, a large number of street vendors have been barred from entering the premises to sell their wares. They have been forced to stay on the side of the road, which has resulted in financial losses for their businesses.

“I come here from Kalopul every day to sell peanuts,” says Durga Bhujel, a peanut seller at Mandap. On normal days, I earn around $500 from an all-day sale, but since we are not allowed to enter the premises, has become more difficult because no one is buying outside the gate. There’s a large crowd, but I haven’t sold a gram of peanuts since this morning.”

Som Thapa, a bookseller in Bhrikutimandap for nearly seven years, comes in the morning to sell political books. Due to the convention and electoral roll at Bhrikutimandap, Thapa, like many other dealers, is struggling to sell books. “No one is allowed to enter the main gate of Bhrikutimandap. But because I arrived at 9 a.m., I got lucky and got in “he claims. “I thought I was lucky, but I’ve only sold one book so far. My business has been down since the of the Convention, and my earnings have been relatively low in comparison to previous days “Thapa adds.

“The turnout is huge, but they don’t buy anything,” says Shyam Mainali, who sells Chatpate in Bhrikutimandap. I’ve been here since the morning and have yet to sell anything.”

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