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According to Pfizer, COVID booster provides protection against omicron.

On Wednesday, announced that a dose of its COVID-19 may provide protection against the new omicron variant, despite the fact that the initial two doses appear to be significantly less effective than before.

According to and its partner BioNTech, laboratory revealed that a dose increased the level of so-called neutralizing against omicron by a factor of 25.

The preliminary laboratory was announced in a press release by , and it has not yet been subjected to a formal scientific review. In the event that an omicron-specific vaccine is required, the companies are already hard at one.

Scientists have speculated that the large in antibodies that occurs after receiving a third dose of COVID-19 vaccines may be sufficient to compensate for any in of the vaccine.

However, antibody levels are only one layer of the system’s defenses, and they do not predict how well a vaccine will protect against infection with the coronavirus. According to Pfizer, two doses of the vaccine may still be effective in providing protection against disease.

According to CEO Albert Bourla, “although two doses of our vaccine may still provide protection against severe disease caused by the Omicron strain,” “it is clear from these preliminary that protection is maximized with a third dose of our vaccine.”

The announcement by had an immediate impact on the markets in the United States. Futures that had been pointing to a lower opening reversing course in seconds and swinging solidly to the upside, with the Dow gaining nearly 200 points in the process.

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