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According to a new study, adopting superhero behavior promotes good aging.

The findings of a new on heroic behavior have revealed that adopting these behaviors can have a beneficial effect on one’s health.

The results of the were in the Medical Journal (BMJ).

In order to accomplish this, Australian researchers examined 24 Marvel films that were released between 2008 ( Man) and 2021 (Black Widow), with intense periods of taking place during the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Because superheroes have lived for millennia (with the exception of Thor, who has lived for multiple millennia), they anticipated that their ageing trajectories would be adjustable by personal attributes in the same way that anyone else’s would be.

For starters, they looked at positive behaviors and health assets, and they discovered that the superheroes regularly engage in physical and exercise, both of which are associated with healthy ageing, and that they have a high level of social cohesion and connectedness, both of which are associated with a reduced risk of dementia.

A cheerful or optimistic frame of mind, as well as psychological resilience and a of purpose, are also demonstrated by the superheroes. These characteristics are all related with healthy ageing. Aside from Thor and Iron Man, the superheroes do not engage in risky behaviors like as excessive alcohol use or smoking, which are connected with longer life and good aging.

As a result of their investigation, they discovered that superheroes who are repeatedly exposed to loud noises, air pollution, and multiple head injuries are at risk of developing dementia, life-altering physical impairment, and handicap.

The researchers next looked at the personal characteristics and health behaviors of five superheroes in more detail (Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Spiderman).

They out that both Black Panther and Iron Man are incredibly affluent and intellectual, which means that they have a lower probability of developing dementia than the average person. In addition, Black Panther is a vegetarian, which is proven to promote good ageing in humans.

Meanwhile, Hulk’s heart , high body mass index, and virtually continual rage put him at risk for multiple chronic ailments, while Black Widow’s childhood trauma increases her chances of developing physical and mental illnesses as an adult.

And while Spiderman’s strength, flexibility, and agility should help him avoid falling in old age, his nightly crime-fighting schedule means he is unlikely to get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers his age, which can lead to obesity, poor mental health, and a higher rate of unintentional injuries than the general population.

In their current combined efforts, the Marvel superheroes are concentrating on issues such as maintaining the of the multiverse, modulation of human consciousness, the of artificial intelligence, and the development of technological advancements to facilitate space travel, according to the authors.

Their recommendation is that they shift their attention to addressing difficulties such as how to offer high-quality health and social care to big, ageing populations and how to frailty and dementia in older .

Ultimately, “this would allow anyone throughout the multiverse, including superheroes, to enjoy a great quality of life in their latter years,” the authors wrote.

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